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Manufacturer custom low-odor high gloss UV varnish light yellow transparent sticker substrate special UV coating wholesale
Manufacturer custom low-odor high gloss UV varnish light yellow transparent sticker substrate special UV coating wholesale
Details / Details

High gloss Acrylic Copolymer Resin paper prints coating water
based varnish with high wearing resistance

high gloss water based high wearing resistance varnish, paper prints coating

Product description:

LC-1510-G is an aqueous emulsion of modified acrylic copolymer, which is specially designed for the glazing needs of paper prints. After coating and drying, it can improve the gloss of the prints and increase the wear resistance of the prints, protect the imprinting and increase the added value of printed matter. It has a certain anti-alkali (NAOH), has the features of non-toxic, odorless, strong sense of transparency, no organic volatile emissions, and no irritating odor.

Product features:

This product is suitable for on-line printing machine with coating unit and off-line glazing machine. Not only high gloss but also high wear resistance, the wearing resistance of original liquid can reach at 1000 times, gloss degree is about 70°.

Common application range:

Beer cartons, drinks cartons, electronic and electrical product packaging cartons, color boxes, etc. These print glazing orders have high wearing resistance requirements, in addition need high gloss.

General physical property (varnish itself):

Appearance (Visual) milky white opacity liquid
Solid percent %(150℃×30min) 42±2%
PH value(PH meter) 7.6~8.6
Viscosity (T4#,25℃) 50±5s
Gloss degree(60°angle) 70±3
Rub resistance (4 pounds weight) 1000times

Scope of application (Scope of coating machine types):

1. Sheet fed offset printing, roller coating and glazing unit (cavity scraper or double roller type).
2. Drying: IR or hot air.
3. Printing in-line with coating unit.

Suggestions for use/operation:

1. 1. Dilution ratio: use it directly when connected online, and use water to dilute it reasonably according to the actual situation when offline to ensure the product quality.
2. Stir well before use, it is recommended to test the viscosity before use.
3. Coating weight: 3 to 5 g/m² when in-line printing process and 4 to 6 g/m² when off-line coating, to ensure the gloss and wear resistance of this product. The varnish needs to be drying fully and ensure the performance of anti-blocking.
4. Please use printing ink suitable for glazing. The selection of ink should consider alkali resistance, alcohol resistance, and solvent resistance to avoid color change.
5. When using non-absorbent printing substrates or slow-drying printing inks, it is recommended to estimate the corresponding drying time.
6. Suggested paper-pile temperature: not exceeding 35℃.
7. There should be sufficient airflow between the substrates to ensure fast and complete drying; the varnish characteristics are fully reflected after completely drying.
8. In the post-processing process, it should be checked whether the substrate (paper-ink-varnish) has been sufficiently dried and hardened before post-processing. The substrate should be post-processed when it has sufficiently high stability, to reduce the effects of mechanical tension and humidity during post-processing.
9. If it cannot be used up at one time after opening, please keep it sealed. After your use, please clean the production equipment timely, remember not to leave it unused for a long time!


1. Avoid frost, heat, and direct sunlight.
2. Shelf time: 12 months from date of production.
3. The recommended storage temperature is 5℃-30℃.
4. Avoid mixing with other varnish or cleaning water.
5. If improper storage or a long time, it may cause the viscosity to increase and affect the use.


20KG/barrel, 50KG/barrel, 125KG/barrel, 1 Ton/ton tank, can also meet special packaging specifications.

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