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Pay attention to the amount and method of applying the water-based varnish

Information Sources:Internet posted on:2020-06-17

As we all know, water-based varnish has the advantage of high technology to meet the production requirements, and it is non-toxic, economical and practical. The related performance is better than the solvent varnish and oily butter to a certain extent, and gradually replaces its position in the printing industry. Environmentally friendly water-based adhesive (water-based varnish) is suitable for packaging and printing industry. Water-based products are non-toxic, odor-free, water and weather resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and have high bonding strength. It has the characteristics of low consumption, fast curing time, anti-aging, good flame retardancy, easy operation and easy cleaning of equipment. It provides ideal raw materials for various industries to high-grade development, is a new generation of environmentally friendly products (water-based varnish). But what should you pay attention to when applying water-based varnish, do you know? Pay attention to the following items when applying water-based waterproof varnish to the carton: 1. Drying equipment: UV irradiation light source generally adopts high-pressure mercury lamp or metal halide lamp, and the power of the light source also needs to be stable. The output power of the high-pressure mercury lamp is generally 80 ~ 120W/cm, in order to ensure that the curing speed of the coating is less than 0.5s; 2. Smoothness: The coating roller of the glazing machine is damaged or the viscosity of the varnish is high. It should be replaced or re-grinded to reduce the viscosity of the varnish on the carton; Improper use of thinner is related, especially the fast evaporation rate of alcohol solvents in summer, you should change the thinner or use ester thinner; Fourth, ink combination: when glazing, you also need to pay attention to the combination of carton paint and ink, if necessary, apply a layer of primer first; Fifth, the brightness difference: If the carton is varnished, the brightness is too poor, you can consider the following three reasons: (1) If the quality of the paper is poor or the surface is rough and the oil absorption is large, you should switch to a higher grade paper; uneven coating or varnish dilution is too thin, the viscosity is too low, you should adjust the glazing machine and increase the viscosity of the varnish . (2) Poor adhesion, improper use of the crystallization of the ink layer of the printed matter or the use of ink additives and anti-slip agents. The printing process should be improved without using or using fewer ink additives. (3) The viscosity of the varnish is too low. You should adjust the varnish and increase the viscosity of the water-based waterproof varnish. As can be seen from the above, although the technical level of water-based glaze has been perfected, there are still many problems that need to be improved. Compared with the traditional solvent-based varnish technology, it has a shorter history, higher prices, and insufficient protection at the legal level, but it still shows an upward trend. Although the development period and development period of water-based varnish continue, the prospects are bright. If the brightness is too poor after oiling the carton, it may be because the quality of the paper itself is poor, or it may be that the varnish dilution is too thin due to uneven application. Pay attention to how to use it.
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