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Aqueous varnish contains additives such as stabilizers to enhance varnish storage time

Information Sources:Internet posted on:2020-06-17

We all know that the role of paint is to protect the surface of the device, and it also has a decorative effect. The color of the paint is used to cover the color of the device to achieve the effect of decoration and renovation. Water-based varnish can be understood as a colorless transparent paint, and as a transparent paint, its hardness and wear resistance performance is better than the color paint, and it can also play a protective role. There is a substance in varnish called reactive diluent that can adjust the viscosity and varnish curing speed. 1. As a transparent protective paint, its hardness and wear resistance are better than the color paint, and it has a protective effect; 2. As a touch lacquer, its brightness and brightness are very good, and it feels good to the touch. PU paint sprayed on silicone parts and UV paint sprayed on plastic parts are such varnishes. ingredient: 1. UV light UV varnish is mainly composed of oligomer, reactive diluent, photoinitiator and other additives. (1) Oligomers Oligomers, also known as prepolymers, are the basic components in UV varnishes. It is a film-forming substance, and its performance plays an important role in the curing process and the properties of the cured film. From a structural point of view, oligomers are low molecular resins containing C=C unsaturated double bonds, and most of them are acrylic resins. (2) Reactive diluent, also called crosslinking monomer, is a functional monomer. Its role in varnish is to adjust viscosity, curing speed and cured film properties. (3) Photoinitiator A photoinitiator is a substance that can absorb radiant energy and produce an active intermediate with the ability to initiate polymerization through chemical changes. It is the main component required by any UV curing system. (4) Auxiliary agent Used to improve the performance of ink. The additives commonly used in UV varnish are: (1) Stabilizer/Used to reduce thermal polymerization during storage and improve the storage stability of varnish; (2) Leveling agent / used to improve the leveling of the surface of the glazing film, prevent the occurrence of shrinkage holes, and also increase the gloss of the glazing coating; (3) Defoamer/Used to prevent and eliminate air bubbles generated by the glazing oil during manufacturing and use. The photoinitiator sub-varnish has the ability to absorb radiation during use. After chemical changes, it can produce active substances that initiate polymerization and ability. There will also be some additives in the varnish to improve the performance of the ink, thereby enhancing the use of varnish. Both stabilizers and leveling agents can be used to improve the appearance of the light film surface and increase the gloss of the glaze coating. This kind of varnish will also be used on the silicone parts, which feels good to the touch, and also has good Luminosity and brightness.
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