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Water-based varnish is colorless and odorless when used in offset presses

Information Sources:Internet posted on:2020-06-17

Water-based varnish is generally used for text after printing. Applying varnish can make the surface of the printed matter get a bright film layer, enhance the light resistance of the ink, and can also prevent heat and moisture. Printing glazing is to make the printed products can be kept for a long time, and beautify the product. Compared with other laminating or sticking, the water-based varnish is cheap and the process is simple and easy to operate. 1. The significance of printing water-based high gloss varnish Printing and glazing is the method of applying a solid printing plate or graphic printing plate to the surface of the replica that has all completed the graphic printing process, and then using a printing machine to glaze once or twice to obtain a bright film layer on the surface of the printed matter. Printing and glazing can enhance the light resistance of the ink, increase the heat and moisture resistance of the ink layer, and protect the imprint and beautify the product. Compared with other methods of adding gloss film on the surface of printed products such as laminating, laminating, spraying, etc., printing glazing is not only cheap, simple in process, and easy to operate. Its advantage is that it can be selectively grounded according to actual needs. Light, it can be coated with a full plate (no special printing plate is needed, light lithography for letterpress printing is needed, offset printing, no special new printing plate is needed, and the original printing plate is used), or it can be partially polished because of printing The principle of glazing is the same as that of printing graphics. It uses the principle of part of the printing plate to transfer the adsorbed film on the substrate, while the blank part is not adsorbed. According to the needs of customers and the special requirements of the actual printing process, glazing is carried out. Second, the characteristics of water-based high-gloss varnish water-based printing varnish is colorless, odorless, free of organic volatiles (VOC), low cost, wide source of materials, has good gloss, folding resistance, wear resistance and resistance Chemical characteristics, economic health and other characteristics. Water-based printing varnishes can be divided into three types: high gloss, ordinary gloss, and matt gloss according to product use. From the processing technology, it can be divided into: ink fountain glazing technology, water bucket glazing technology (using ordinary offset press water, ink fountain) special glazing machine glazing technology, online glazing technology. Water-based varnish can be partially glazed. The principle of printing glazing is the same as that of printing graphics and text transfer, and both use the transfer of printing plate graphics and text. In fact, the glazing process of water-based printing has also been applied to ordinary offset presses. The colorless and odorless features of water-based printing make it have a wider range of applications. Environmentally friendly materials will always be valued and promoted. Water-based varnish can eliminate the harm to the human body and the pollution to the environment during operation. It has been increasingly valued by food and tobacco printing companies.
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