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The application of water-based varnish needs to consider the influence of the glazing method

Information Sources:Internet posted on:2020-06-17

On weekdays, we see that many printed materials have very good gloss, which looks magnificent and very beautiful. In fact, these are credits for water-based varnish. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, colorless and odorless, it is a very economical product, and other main agents and auxiliary agents can be added to form a good gloss, which is widely used in packaging and printing. Next, we talk about the application of water-based varnish. With the rapid and steady development of the market economy and commodity economy, people pay more and more attention to the printing and decorating of food packaging, books, magazine covers, calendars, pictures, medicine boxes, and cigarette packs. Not only does printing require beautiful color pictures, but also It has a magnificent surface gloss, this gloss is the special effect produced by applying varnish on the printed matter. Applying varnish on the printed matter can not only increase the value of the printed product, but also enhance the optical rotation resistance of the ink, increase the heat and moisture resistance of the ink, protect the imprint and improve the performance of the printed product, bringing considerable benefits to the printing plant. Economic benefits. The coating and glazing market is a diversified market. Food printing plants, book printing plants, commercial printing plants, trademark printing plants, and folding carton printing plants have varying degrees of glazing needs for various packaging products. The application of water-based varnish can only be achieved by considering the different glazing methods, paper type, product quality and other factors. With the development of society, the awareness of human beings on the protection of the living environment has also continued to increase. For the printing industry, many requirements and restrictions on sanitation, environmental protection, labor protection, etc. have been gradually added, especially the requirements for food packaging printing More stringent, only in this way can the requirements of sanitary standards be met. Therefore, the development and application of pollution-free "green" materials are imperative. In summary, due to the non-toxic, odorless, high gloss and convenient use of water-based varnish, it has been widely used in packaging and printing. In fact, this trend is still rising. The production of water-based varnish adopts relatively new technology, and it can display high gloss while being environmentally friendly, without worrying about damage to health.
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