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Water-based resins occupy a very important position in water-based varnish formulations

Information Sources:Internet posted on:2020-06-17

Water-based varnish is favored by many industries because it has the advantages of colorless, odorless, low cost, non-toxic, no organic volatiles and strong transparency! Water-based varnish is generally used in the packaging and printing industry. The resulting packaging has very good gloss, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, which shows the importance of water-based varnish for the packaging and printing industry! But how can many manufacturers on the market that produce water-based varnish know how? The water-based varnish produced by a manufacturer is of superior quality? How to buy it? 1. The combination of water-based resin in the formulation needs to have very good film formation, because only good film formation can provide good adhesion, excellent wear resistance and other properties, of course, a small amount of film formation aids can be added to the formulation Agents such as PM and DPM help film formation and improve leveling, but film-forming additives cannot be added more, otherwise it will affect anti-blocking properties. 2. The water-soluble acrylic resin liquid can help leveling, improve gloss and re-solubility in the formula, but it should be noted that too much water-soluble acrylic resin liquid is added, which will cause the adhesion to decrease, affecting the drying speed and water resistance. Therefore, it is not possible to add water-soluble resin liquid without limitation in order to improve gloss. 3. There are many types of wax emulsions. Polyethylene wax, polypropylene wax, paraffin wax and other products are commonly used in varnish. Domestic products are already very mature. Polyethylene wax emulsion has excellent wear resistance due to its high softening point. 4. The choice of wetting agent is very critical, especially for low temperature winter, thick ink layer printed products, if wetting agent is not added properly, there will be water ripples, pitting, poor leveling and other surface defects, you can Help formulators to solve most surface defects and shrinkage bubble generation problems. 5. The slippery and abrasion resistant agent provides abrasion resistance together with the wax emulsion in the formulation, and has a very smooth feel and improved anti-stickiness. However, it should be noted that too much addition may cause adverse effects on post-press processing, such as poor hot stamping. The above are all the matters that need to be paid attention to in the process of purchasing water-based varnish. I hope that after reading it, it will be helpful to everyone!
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