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uv varnish sharing The preferred temperature of uv varnish when passing through the area irradiated by UV lamp is 50-60℃

Information Sources:Internet posted on:2020-06-17

UV varnish is favored by many companies because of its advantages such as strong adhesion, high gloss and fast curing speed! uv varnish is a coating that should be very common in many industries now. Apply uv varnish to the base The surface of the material will play an effective role of scratch resistance and scratch resistance, which can avoid damage to the substrate during use! In addition, the surface of the substrate after spraying with uv varnish paint looks very beautiful, bright and textured It is also very mellow! But there are a lot of things that need to be paid attention to during the use of uv varnish paint. Below is the specific introduction of the uv varnish price for everyone. 1. The normal use temperature of UV varnish is 50-55℃. In low-temperature use in winter, the UV varnish needs to be cyclically heated with constant temperature water to make its viscosity reach the designed use viscosity, which is conducive to UV varnish leveling and rapid curing . 2. When the UV varnish passes through the area irradiated by the UV lamp, the preferred temperature should be 50-60 ℃, because at this temperature, the UV varnish cures quickly and has strong adhesion after curing. In other words, the lower the temperature under the UV lamp, the better. Some manufacturers have poor adhesion and poor leveling when glazing in low-temperature factories in winter. The main reason is this. 3. The varnishing machine should be placed in a position where the sunlight cannot directly shine, otherwise the UV varnish will be cured on the coating roller under the action of ultraviolet light in the sunlight. If you can't avoid direct sunlight, you should also block the sun with red and black curtains. 4. The UV varnish scraped off during glazing will bring the ink printed on the printing material to the UV varnish on the glazing machine, so that the varnish will be colored. However, after filtration and precipitation, these varnishes can continue to be used without having to be thrown away. 5. With the development of technology, the irritation of UV varnish has been greatly reduced. However, if the skin encounters UV varnish during the glazing operation, it should be washed away immediately with soapy water, otherwise the skin may appear red and swollen and blistered. 6. The viscosity of UV varnish varies according to the type of varnishing machine. Special varnishing should be selected according to the type of varnishing machine. If the viscosity of UV varnish can not reach the viscosity required by the glazing machine, it can be removed by thinner or thickened by thickener. However, after such adjustment, the curing speed, brightness and adhesion of the UV varnish will be lost. The above is all the matters that need to be paid attention to in the process of using uv varnish paint. I hope it will be helpful to everyone after reading it!
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