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The principle and function of reverse UV varnish

Information Sources:Internet posted on:2020-06-17

Reverse varnish is divided into forward and reverse directions. In the forward and reverse directions, the full version of the UV oil is applied first, then the UV lamp, and then the local varnish. The particle size can be adjusted by the anilox roller and the UV lamp. In the reverse direction, the local varnish is applied first, and then the full version of the varnish is applied after the UV lamp. The particle thickness can be adjusted by adjusting the amount of local optical ink and the UV lamp. UV reverse varnish is a surface treatment process material that is cured by ultraviolet light. It consists of high gloss reverse UV surface oil and UV ink base oil. The application of UV reverse varnish is a new process of printing and packaging. It can form different effects of high gloss and husky on the surface of the printed matter, and can do effects such as wire drawing and light folding grid according to the requirements of the image. This process combines the effects of UV printing and surface treatment. Reduces the surface treatment links and procedures of the printed matter, such as matte film, silk screen surface oil, some anti-counterfeiting effects and so on. UV reverse varnish is a transparent paint, also known as UV varnish. Its role is to spray or roll on the surface of the substrate, after UV-type irradiation, it is converted from liquid to solid, and then to achieve the required hardening, its role of scratch resistance and scratch resistance, and the surface looks bright, beautiful, rounded texture . It has anti-scratch, high solid, high hardness, high gloss, fast curing, low irritation light and excellent chemical resistance. UV reverse varnish has different types of UV oil according to different materials and uses. It can be roughly divided into plastic UV oil, hardware UV oil, vacuum plating UV oil, wood UV oil, and paper UV oil. UV is widely used in mobile phones, televisions, MP3, MP3, headphones, digital cameras, automobiles, audio, lighting, furniture, color boxes and other products
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