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Application of UV technology in screen printing industry

Information Sources:Internet posted on:2020-06-17

The screen printing ink has a thick layer, bright color, simple process, less investment, and quick results. Therefore, it has been widely used in many industries such as light industry, electronics, machinery, automobile, textile, chemical industry, commercial, art, advertising, decoration, packaging, etc. Applications, especially in the fields of ornaments, beautification of people's lives, commercial advertising, and printed circuits in the electronics industry, have played an irreplaceable role in other printing methods. In the modern printing industry, it cannot be called a complete printing enterprise without screen printing. The radiation curing industry is an emerging industry, which is currently focused on the application of inks, coatings, adhesives, and matching resins, monomers, initiators, and additives. Compared with traditional related industries, although the foundation is relatively weak, due to its own characteristics, radiation curing products comply with the "3E" principle, that is, "energy saving, environmental protection, and high efficiency". Widely used in various fields, and promote the common development of related industries. The screen printing industry and the radiation curing industry are closely linked, and the successful application of UV inks in the screen printing industry is a prominent example. With the continuous development of screen printing technology, screen printing equipment has also developed from manual and single-color to fully automated and multi-color automation. The quality and grade of printing have been significantly improved, which put forward higher requirements for screen printing inks. UV ink is an environmentally friendly ink that has developed rapidly in recent years. It is popular among people in the printing industry for its instant curing (dry, free of volatile solvents), and simple and convenient application. Especially in screen printing, UV inks are widely used. Suitable printing materials include paper, synthetic paper, wood products, plastics (ABS, PS, PC, PVC, PMMA, PET, etc.), coated metals, glass, Ceramics, etc.
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